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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 25, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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big change is coming for later in the week. how cold it gets in my sky watch forecast. >> homeowner who says is to >> homeowner who says is to blame for the bed bug. . >> good evening. i'm jennifer. jeff is off tonight. rain and high winds hit the region wreaking havoc all morning long creating problems far from over tonight. we have team coverage of the storm and vytas tells us how much rain
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we got. first we go to john live in miller island where residents are dealing with the rising water there. john? >>reporter: at the height of this storm as many as 70,000 customers lost power as a result of all the downed power lines but in this section of baltimore county we have yet another problem. very familiar problem. flooding. miller island flooding is a way of life. overnight storm caught the driver of the school bus by surprise. >> a lot of people are thinking about isabel right now. it was deeper than this. into the parking lot. >>reporter: driver 2 students on board escaped unharmed but for long time rest didn't it's another reminder how quickly this area can succumb to mother nature. >> i have been living here 20 years. isabel up to here on me. then other times i have ridden down the road in a row boat. >>reporter: hours earlier commuters found the route to work littered with debris.
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trees and branches topple down on highway. severing power lines. rendered countless traffic lights useless. frederick road this creek of miss williams. >> look out the window and i heard a boom. >>reporter: she escaped without a scratch. her home bears the scars of those high winds. >> everything just went out. smoke and everything was all in the bathroom. >>reporter: and when this huge tree collapsed into the creekville it snapped many utility wires as well. >> it took down the gas electric wires. telephone wires. verizon wires. comcast wires. >>reporter: mean time high tide in this area of miller island was about 3 this afternoon. so we are getting a little bit of flooding that has receded somewhat but it is going to be quite a problem for the rest of the evening here in this stretch of baltimore county. mean time bge tells us only 15,000 customers are without power. the folks at bge say they hope
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to restore all of the power some time tomorrow. we are live in miller island, fox 45 news at 5:30. all right thank you. here's what we are being told about the power outage. 70,000 people without power when the storm was at its peak. now we hear still almost 19,000 customers in the dark. most in baltimore county and baltimore city. get more details on this storm and check in with vytas. >>reporter: looking at wicked weather out there today especially the strong gusty winds coming out of the northwest and kind of like spring like weather as we saw the warm air push up out of the south. on radar no maiming problems going on but we have some more showers starting to gather over parts of montgomery county. not totally done with the rain. we should get a little more shower activity as we get into the overnight. putting into motion most of the heavy thunderstorm activity and heavy rain activity to the north. we can see more showers here moving into montgomery county and
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baltimore county in the next half hour or so. so not totally done with the dane. bigger picture looming out and big area of low pressure wrapping in the front and creating the strong winds. strong pressure gradient between the cooler air and the warmer air with the strong wind creating some showers and no showers back to the west. a little bit of rain overnight but strongest winds we saw today were at 50 or 40 miles an hour gust at times and rain is still being a problem. why because of flooding conditions out there. we have flood advisory to harper county and baltimore county and also down through andarundle county. folks living along the water keep an eye out for that. just west at carol county aerial flood warping until 7:00 p.m. tonight. still some problems out there with flooding because of all the heavy rain that we saw anywhere from about inch to 2 and a half inches in some spots where the rain was coming down at pretty fast pace. i have a closer look at the storm and show you where it is going and also talk
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about the potential for snow back in the forecast. cold air is joining us in a bit. thank you. and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecas forecast. i radar now available at fox using interactive tools to track coming storms right down your street. go to our web site slash i radar. 3 men now behind bars accused of stabbing a u.s. marine at a party in northeast baltimore over the weekend. michael wiggins, vernon has had and vickie woodward from baltimore face charges of murder of private first class dale ray. the men crashed the party at the apartment early saturday morning and stabbed 2 men. the other man is recovering. we have to start making a big deal about cases like this. and big deal the kind of people that go to a party with violent weapons and cause harm. don't want those kind of people on our street. >>reporter: all 3 suspect have long criminal records. police don't think the young marine even knew his attackers.
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>> still no word on what caused a deadly fire in andarundle county on sunday. firefighters found the body on second floor of the home in the 1800 block of bay view drive and edge water. victim hasn't been identified yet. andarundle county police lieutenant will be held without bail on child porn charges. 47-year-old james staff is accused of receiving sexually explicit text messages and pictures from a teenager girl. the girl's parents called police when they became suspicious that she was having sex with paul. he has another hearing set for next week and suspended without pay. >> city police seized 14 illegal guns over the weekend and one wlongd to man arrested for impersonating a city police officer. 32-year-old thomas godly was spotted by a baltimore sheriff deputy at flea market in the 1400 block of west capitol avenue on saturday. the deputy noticed godly had a gun on him and he asked him for his police decree depositional but he
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didn't have any. >> man walking around with baltimore special police t-shirt. also had a handgun on the hip and a badge. >>reporter: not only was he not a real cop, he has been convicted of a crime that prohibits him from carrying a gun. rundown property in curtis bay. now a haven for drug users, prostitutes and rodents. neighbors left to deal with the mess and joy tells us city agencies and the bank that owner the building apparently know about the problem. >>reporter: the curtis bay property sits right along fairhaven avenue, vacant for more than a year according to neighbors. last real estate agent involved with the property tells me she was hoping for a short sale but then the homeowner stopped communicating with her. bank is trying to foreclose on the property. property plagued with problems. now neighbors are left there. bed bug. to
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heroin users. this is a prime piece of property. >> i call the city. i talk with the police. nothing is being done. it is just rough. they are messing up our neighborhood. because it seems like no one cares. >>reporter: those neighbors certainly care. several civil actions we have learned have been taken against the homeowner. according to court documents we obtained. much more on the story tonight at 10:00. fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you joy. how are the roads looking tonight? kandace has the traffic edge report. >>reporter: thank you jennifer. nothing like it was this morning. much better out there and pretty enjoyable ride on several areas. checking in on the belt way right now 61 miles per hour. traveling right through the kateville region at 53 right near liberty road and 62 traveling through pikeville so all in all an a-ok ride. we have a few problems to talk
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about in baltimore city. accident at park heights avenue at cold spring lane and another crash on bond street at ashland avenue in the heart of downtown baltimore. as far as the main line checking in on 95 approaching downtown area right at the tunnel northbound south bound lanes the traffic is flowing freely in both directions. now back over to you. >> thank you. >> helping hand for working families. up next. how president obama plans to put more money in the pockets of the middle class. .
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>> baltimore next mayor says she has plans to make the city more ethical. introducing a bill that see how members of the ethics board are selected. melinda explains. >>reporter: in the aftermath of mayor sheila dixons corruption case city council members are now scrambling to find ways to regain public trust. right now every member is appointed by the mayor who sets on that board herself but
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council president blake wants to change that. she thinks the council president should get to select one member and the comptroller another. she also wants to require board members be city residents but not city employees and no lobbyist. >> i think this will go a long way in improving transparency and ethics in city government. >>reporter: her plan would still allow the mayor to select 3 members of that ethics board. some council members want to give the mayor even less control in other areas of government. more about that tonight at 10:00. live in city hall, fox 45 news at 5:30. two days before president obama delivers his state of the union speech he is turning his attention to the middle class. president obama and vice president biden spoke in a white house task force and focusing on helping middle class families. one of the changes the president is proposing including doubling the child care tax credit for some families. >> we will keep fighting to
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rebuild our economy. hard work is once again rewarded. wages and incomes are once again rising. middle class is once again growing. >>reporter: obama administration also wants to create a program that would tap student loan payment with large amount of debt. president ideas for the middle class is part of the state of the union address and watch it this wednesday night at 9:00 right here on fox 45. do you think the president will use the state of the union address to move his administration more to the center? go to our web site and let us know what you think. sound off on face book or send us a tweet at fox baltimore. you can text us at 45203 and enter fox 45 a for yes and b for no. and your response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. the skies are clear now but we had wicked weather move through overnight. vytas has more on the sky watch forecast. >> yes. nice to get a little break from that strong weather
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and heavy rainfall as we saw the storm push on to the northeast. but we are still not done with it folks. looks like still more rain on hd radar. see showers right now working their way into howard county. west on i 70 may run into some brief heavy downpour and elegant city and also in columbia start seeing rain come down. down towards german town and showers going on in montgomery county around the belt way and dc area. on i-95 to college park probably run into a little bit of rain there also to silver springs. how this is playing out we have seen the heaviest rain push to the northeast and even some thunderstorms that fired up oversees ill county early today. severe thunderstorm warnings but now dealing with the flooding conditions and all the moisture that came did you know anywhere from inch to inch and a half in and up to 2 inches in someplaces. the storm will continue to wrap up to the northeast. strong gusty winds out of the west northwest. earlier today anywhere from about 40, 45 miles an hour winds gusted to 50 at times. looking at winds
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right now sustained at anywhere from 6 to 20 miles an hour back to the west and still breezy conditions overnight tonight and that will be the case tomorrow. look at the high. 59 degrees was the high in downtown baltimore. looking at 67 and this is 66 degrees was the high in baltimore, not 59. 67 in dc. 69 in fredericks burg so we can see the hot temperatures or warm temperatures from the south. 59 in baltimore and fay in dc. 62 in fredericksburg and still mild air out there and then the cold will continue to manufacture through tonight and drop the temperatures down. still chance for showers tonight. temperatures at 42 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. tomorrow a little bit of a breezy day but we see some sun mixed in. tell you about the potential for snow a little accumulating snow and kick off the weekend coming up. trouble on "american idol". why one contestant that got a golden ticket is
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to see michael jackson perform. this is it brought in a whopping 71 million dollars in the opening weekend alone. you can watch the preparation for michael jackson's final concert footage released tomorrow. behind the scenes interviews. >> he wanted to make the come back and definitely wanted to be bigger than ever. >> hours of rehearsal. and real back stage footage from michael jackson's final curtain call. it is all packed and documentary this is it. director kenny ortega crafted the film and says this proves michael still has a talent to be the reigning king of pop. >> there aren't too many people any more that can drop my jaw and michael jackson remains one of those people all the way to the end. >>reporter: this is it was originally intended for jackson's personal library. but the dvd will be released nationwide tomorrow.
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>> now we have you back in your feet in a second. >>reporter: enter the darkly imaginative world of our next movie surrogate. it is a place where people are living their lives vicariously through robot structure. ideal world of safety until the first murder in years. actor star bruce willis is fbi agent who finds a huge conspiracy behind the whole surrogate phenomenon and abandons his own surrogate to reveal the truth. move a 8 is rated pg-13. >> lighting things up in a bit in our next movie. ellen page is a small town girl who decides roller derby is her ticket out of her boring life. drew barrymore also directed the film. it's rated pg-13. >> watch the moving tale of family journey this week. boys are back is the story of an sports writer who suddenly faces life as single father as
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2 children. the movie is rated pg-13. new weekend means new movies. trying to stop avatar. this time it is when in rome starring kristin bell and that's the low down. drama already on the new season of "american idol"? semifinalist has reportedly been kicked off the show. "new york post"said michael link was dropped after his dad put a local newspaper that his so that made it to the semifinal. spilling the bean to any media outlet is a violation of the confidentiality rules of the show. lynch has been replaced by another singer in the top qualifiers. idol continues this tuesday and wednesday at 8:00 right here on fox 45. after yesterday heart wrenching defeat to the saints will vikings quarterback brett finally call it a career.
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hear from the 3 time mvp coming up next in sports. [ male announcer ] mark your calendar.
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. >> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. what we all felt last weekend. they are now feeling in minnesota and new york. the season came to an abrupt end at the hands of the colts and saints who now of course advance to the superbowl. that of course means the speculation about brett farve can begin. after putting us through this, will he retire or will he won't dance are we to go through it over again. brett addressed it after the game. >> in a situation like this i really don't want to make a decision right now based solely on what has happened. i do know year could not have gone any better aside from us not going to miami. i really
5:57 pm
enjoy the guys and wonder if i can hold up especially after a day like this. physicalally and mentally. >>reporter: meanwhile as unlikely as it seems mat stover on his way back to the superbowl. remember the ravens didn't want him an he was without a job until signing with the colts in mid november and now he has a shot at third superbowl ring. not only that but at age 42 stover is the oldest player to take part in a superbowl. how about that? he made all 5 of the field goal attempt in the play off including 3 in yesterday victory over the jets. big night in local college hoops here in the city both morgan state and compton state in action. and play of the week count down all coming up on sports unlimited. back to you. >> bruce you know pretty nice day. once the worst got out of here. vytas is back to let us know what is next. >> we dealt with the driving rain and the winds but we have some breaks in some of the heavy shower activity with a little bit of sun poking through here and there. but
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the power outages are a pain. i didn't have power at my house all day. what is going on. 56 degrees out there. still mild and looks like we still have those winds out of the west northwest at 6 and humidity level 60 percent. almanacs page. high was 66 degrees. feeling like spring like weather when normally our high pressure should be right around 41 degrees. you can see our temperatures well above where we should be for this time of year as the warm mild air pushing up out of the south. precipitation report out there at the airport is under an inch. some areas more than that as we saw more than that as we saw heavier showers pushing
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